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Three Days Grace, (AKA 3DG or TDG)is an Alternative Metal/Post-Grunge band, started in 1992 under the name Groundswell that has released 4 studio albums. The bands' singles are: "I Hate Everything About You," "Just Like You," "Home," "Wake Up," "Animal I Have Become," "Pain," "Never Too Late," "Riot," "Break," "The Good Life", "World So Cold", "Lost In You", "Chalk Outline", "The High Road", and "Misery Loves My Company". Currently married to Ashley Pedchenko, since 2003. Look her up on facebook! He never died. It was a lying assumption!


  • Band Member Bio's Added.
  • All albums have info.
  • More recent construction has begun.

Main SiteEdit

Is this Wiki the main site for Three Days Grace? Well, sadly, no it's not, the main site is at

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