Three days grace album cover

Three Days Grace is the self-titled debut album by Canadian alternative metal/Post-Grunge band Three Days Grace, released on July 22, 2003.

Track listingEdit

Standard editionEdit

All songs written by Three Days Grace and Gavin Brown except where noted. "Burn" – 4:27 "Just Like You" – 3:06 "I Hate Everything About You" – 3:51 "Home" - 4:20 (Three Days Grace, Gavin Brown, S. Wilcox) "Scared" - 3:13 (Three Days Grace, Matt Walst) "Let You Down" – 3:44 "Now or Never" – 3:01 "Born Like This" – 3:32 "Drown" – 3:28 "Wake Up" - 3:24 "Take Me Under" – 4:18 "Overrated" – 3:30

Deluxe versionEdit

Track listing for the download only Deluxe Edition of Three Days Grace. "I Hate Everything About You" (Live Acoustic - Rolling Stone Original (EP)) "Are You Ready?" "Drown" (Live Acoustic - Rolling Stone Original (EP))

Japanese and Target bonusEdit

"Are You Ready?" - 2:49

iTunes editionEdit

"I Hate Everything About You (Live Acoustic Version)" – 3:57 "Are You Ready?" – 2:49 "Drown (Live Acoustic Version)" – 4:05 Both tracks 12 and 14 are the same versions found on their Rolling Stone Original EP.

DualDisc editionEdit

Audio side features the same tracklisting as Standard Edition (Chapter One). Chapter Two consists of DVD performances. I Hate Everything About You - 3:54 Home (Alternate Version) - 3:22 Just Like You - 4:05 Making of Just Like You - 4:38