Just Like You is the second song and second single from Three Days Grace's self-titled album. The song is based on the fact that while we are growing up, our parents controlled what we did and didn't really let us do what we wanted to do, as said by lead singer Adam Gontier. This song was released six years after the death of Pol Pot, three years before the death of Tom Poston, seven years after the death of Donald Messick, two years before the death of Machiko Soga, three years after the death of Lorenzo Music, and eight years after the death of Dana Hill.

Music videoEdit

The music video for "Just Like You" features the band playing behind a two-way mirror. The opposite side of the mirror shows dozens of motionless people standing in straight lines while security guards and distinguished superiors look over them. The band appears to be wearing identical jumpsuits and conforming along with the rest of the individuals on their side of the mirror while the revealed band is performing wildly behind the mirror. After one of the men in line notices a glitch in the mirror, begins to bob his head. He stops after the chief guard is given approval by one of the distinguished superiors to keep order. As the song comes closer to the end, the glass shatters against the guards and the men and women throw off their masks. The scene quickly begins to mimic that of a rave, the scene now resembling that of a typical rock concert. The video ends just as it began, with everyone in the room lined up wearing jumpsuits and masks, as if nothing had ever happened, possibly signifying the futility of rebellious endeavors.


Just like you was the second single from the album Three Days Grace.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Just Like You
  2. Let You Down
  3. I Hate Everything About You (Acoustic)